Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Christian's Second Birthday Letter

My Dearest Christian,

I think on all the times I've called you My Redemption. And I think maybe I never really knew what I meant when I said that till now. On the other hand, maybe it's not that I didn't know, it's that I now feel it fully from the very depths of my being.

I know that I could not live without you. Every part of me craves you, my Little Wonder. Your sweet hugs, your even sweeter kisses are the highlight of my day. When I walk in the door you're excited greeting of a hearty, "Mama!!!!" makes everything ok. Even when I let everyone else in the world down, when I fail or fall, somehow I'm still your hero...I'm still your "Mommy". And that title is one that I humbly accept.

You are such a wonder. Every little thing amazes you. Your eyes shine bright when you recognize something still so new to your little world. A car or a truck, a bird or a dog, a banana or matter what it is, the world astounds you. And it gives me hope. Hope that maybe there is still a trace of humanity left. That maybe there is redemption for all...through the sweet eyes of a little boy.

If every Mother loves their child the way I love you, I don't know why there is such hatred in the world. Why there are wars or pain or oppression. All I want is for you to know true love, adoration, empathy, sincerity. I wish the world to be kind to you in your discoveries. The world can be such a place of wonder.

And I know one day you'll break my heart. Daddy told me this will inevitably happen...even if I don't believe him, maybe I know it's true. But on that day, I will look back on the age you are right now. I will recall all your expressions (there are so many!), I will reminisce how a kiss was enough to cure any "boo boo", I will recollect how I was your Hero.

Thank you for every moment. Thank you for every kiss. Thank you for every sweet reassuring touch. I love you more than anything. And if you ever doubt it, read this and know I am forever yours.

Happy Birthday, My Love. And here's to many many more beautiful years of you blessing my life and our family.

Love Always,

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